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September 18, 2007


Chris Saad

Congrats Jeff - or Condolences. Depends on the given day I guess!


Jeff, this is big news. Congrats and all the best.
How many french venture do you plan to back ;-)

John Furrier

Congrats! You are a great investor and I'm sure that you'll continue to ID the winners. Having a comp sci background plus all your experience in investing and venture will go miles in doing great deals.


That's interesting! Congratulations...

You said you'll remain alone, well, that's not the common team size for a VC, but I guess you'll benefit from the extensive support of the board of trustees as well as the investors you brought to your fund!

Congrats again!

Charles Nouyrit

Congratulation Jeff for this new venture, this an excellent news for the entrepreneur's world and will bring some fresh air from real pro in the VC space, I hope that you'll be extending your influence in Europe too.

Sin Jin Lee

Your advisory board sounds like a dream team of vc big wigs. Congratulations on forming your fund!

John Lin

Congrats! You hiring? :-)

Bill Burnham

Congrats Jeff! Glad to hear that you closed your fund.

Thor Muller

Well done! We're very excited to be working you, Jeff.

Sanford Barr

Kudos Jeff, glad to see it came together so smoothly!

Michael Parekh

Best wishes and Congratulations, Jeff...
been a long road.


Congratulations Jeff! Awesome!

Marc Brandsma

Mixed feelings:

- very happy for you to be able to move forward with more fuel and no limit in sight

- so sorry that your story will probably never happen here (France, Europe)

Beware of the downturn :)

Paul Elosegui

Damn I am jealous!

Congratulations and best of luck for the future.

James Littlejohn

The darkside gives to the lightside. Have fun with your new VC fund.

Vic Podcaster

Congratulations Jeff. This is good news for the startups looking for seed level funding.


Do you look at any new technology companies that are based solely overseas, like in Singapore?



Many congratulations on the IPO! (Isn't raising LP money like taking a startup public?)

Philip Wilkinson

Great news Jeff regarding the new fund. 25+ investments in early stage companies is exciting for you, but also for us entrepreneurs! Good luck.


Face it Jeff, you were made for the dark side - some people just have affinities for that part of the Force! Since I met you when you were on the dark side (Reuter's Greenhouse) I can attest that VC-hood will do you good.

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