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March 20, 2007


Jean carl

Really impressive buzz,

i am surprised.


Twitter is about the short and the immediate. So no surprise that it quickly turns users into fans. There's some other reasons for that, but basically it's the other side of the short message constraint.

Is the service itself fad? Maybe. But all this buzz will amount to something useful. It will affect the way we build applications. Right now "mobile play" are solutions waiting for problems, or a bullet point on the PowerPoint presentation. Twitter will bring more people to play and experiment with scratch-an-itch mobile applications. 2007 will be a really interesting year for your cell phone.

Wayne Smallman

I'm now a keen twitter.

It's something I've yet to make fully available to my contacts, but I think there could well be a interesting angle in terms of clarifying my availability et cetera.

Even more so since I've signed up for the mobile messaging option, which might have been interesting yesterday while I was out at a photo shoot.

Also, I've integrated my Twitter feed into (what I'm reliably informed is) my 'lifestream', which is an amalgam of my feeds that I've knitted together using Yahoo! Pipes...

Kim M. Bayne

Twitter will become ubiquitous when it achieves critical mass and attracts independent innovation. Wait a minute! That trend is developing right now. Ha!

Igor Jablokov

"What works for me with Twitter is the fact that I can fire one comment, one thought, one message, in 30 to 60 seconds."

You must not value your time much...our platform contains a mobile front end that allows you to do that in 3-6 seconds... ;-)

Check it out: http://twitter.com/iggyyap

*Everything* in there was created using patent pending speech recognition...zero humans were hurt in the production of those posts (unlike Jott, SpinVox, etc.)...and they did not originate from a phone call...that's so last millennium. :-)

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