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December 17, 2006


Jacques Froissant (Altaïde : le recrutement 2.0)

It was really a great conference : most of interesting panels of speakers, a lot of networking, ... and a great moderator the second day. ;-)

Ewan Spence

Jeff, good comments, and I'll say thank you for moderating a panel that was pulled together from two different areas of the "Virtual Worlds." From audience feedback and comments we got people thinking about the topic, and put on a good show. Which is always the key to teh front of house.

Back of House (and thanks to blgos that means 95% of the discussion on Le Web 3) will be addressed in the classic SWOT meetings (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunites and Threats) I hope are being held. The simple fact there was so much reaction indicates something, and looking at it as a whole, I believe that it boils down to problems of communication before, during, and after Le Web 3 between organisers and attendees.

This is where we beleive blogs and the web have their strengths. I can;t think of a better practical example.


And boy can you move on the dance floor...

I'm completely with you. The conference was god VFM from where I stand but there is still room for innovation (like quieter music at the next party.)

Dimitar Vesselinov

Loic is a force for good in France and Europe. We need more people and entrepreneurs like him...


It would have been much better if Peres, Bayrou and Sarkozy came as participants rather then guest speakers.

They could have listened to the program off-site if security was a problem and then could have commented live via le web.

Joe Duck

Thanks for an insider view of this controversy. My initial reaction was that the firestorm of controversy was less about Le Web 3 and more about the tendency of bloggers to be opinionated and jump on opportunities to rant about things. Your view helps confirm that was the case here.

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