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July 03, 2006



We saw that amazing Blackbird when at the Air Museum near Omaha, Nebraska! Awesome plane!

Also had the good fortune to go up on the Concorde!! Another Weapon of Speed & Design!

My Dad had called my one day in July & asked me what I was doing September 3, & would I like to go for Brunch that day. I checked my watch to see whether it was Martini hour at his place. ;)) He proceeded to tell me were were going for Champagne & Smoked Salmon brunch to the North Pole on the Concorde! I checked to see if I had mistakenly left a baggie of BC Bud at home! ;))

the Concorde was in Toronto for the Air Show that Labour Day weekend! Needless to say not being born with Led Zeppelin RockStar Hair or Guitar Slinger abilities I was thrilled to travel like Mick Jagger & his sidekick Keef Richards!

the plane Rockets U back in yer seat as U hurtle down the Runway. The pilot had a funny comment as we went up along the Ontario - Quebec border (Canada's 2 countries ;) & he said I guess we'll only scare a few Polar Bears now & took it up to Mach 2 or Twice the Speed of Sound!!

We could actually see the curvature of the Earth at the Pole & then proceeded to be back 3 hours later but not before the Pilot banked & the Concorde let out a huge Roar to the crowds thrilled below!

Thass one Ride & 1 Plane I will never forget!

BOOM DADDY!!*****************


Olivier Ezratty

Yes, that's an amazing museum, hidden around the small Renton airport also used by one Boeing factory manufacturing short/mid range aircrafts like the B737. I enjoyed visiting the Air Force One used from the 60s to the 80s (a B707). I hope that the VC135A (747) currently used by POTUS will be open for visits in a while. We'll probably have to wait till 2030...

The other amazing place like this one is the Intrepid Museum in NYC. I visited it back in 1994. In one place, you can visit an (early years) nuclear weapon submarine, a destroyer, an aircraft carrier, an aircraft museum sitting on top and within the carrier (which also has an SR71). They also have a Concorde since 2003.

Amit C

I hope you got to try the 360 degree flight simulator, it is absolutely a great way to experience flight. I have gone to the museum just to retry it.

Ofcourse, do not eat maybe an hour before it and visit a Aerobatic website before it to note things to try out like


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