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July 05, 2006



Interesting, I read your blog for anything but sports and here I am commenting on soccer :-) Yeah Portugal played good but they just couldn't resolve. Just like it happened to Spain and Brazil (Spain scored but due to a silly penalty kick). I'll be rooting for France in the final. Congrats!

Jeff Clavier

RBA> Thanks! Yes, I promise to revert to my topical non-sports topics. Would you believe that I am not such a fan of soccer, except when France wins :-).

Jackie Danicki

We're verrrrrrrrrrry happy in this house! Antoine and I will be going to the pub to cheer amongst all the maudlin England supporters. ;-)

peter caputa

OMG. I am just catching up on my reading. So, this comment is late. I was planning on writing something on my blog about this game. But didn't get around to it.

I am a huge soccer fan and love to play the game as well. Portugal played an amazing game. They dominated. They had heart. France did not deserve to win this game. I could not believe how little effort France put into their play.

Portugal had so many opportunities to score and blew them all. At one point, where Portugal missed a perfect scoring opportunity, I saw France's Zidane look upward and Thank God.

At the beginning of the game, I could care less about who won. But, by the end I was rooting for Portugal.

I will be rooting for Italy on Sunday because that's where my family is from. But, I hope France plays like they did against Brazil, so it's at least a bit enjoyable to watch.

Dennis Howlett

Jude and I were the only ones rooting for Les Blues the other night in our local Spanish pub. At the end of the match, a number of Spanish folk came up to us, smiled, shook our hands and said: 'a domingo - italie...' We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of a fairy tale finish with Zizou completeing a glittering career with a 90th minute sizzler from 30 metres.

Ken Rossi : CivilNetizen.com

It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday at Gnomedex. Thanks for the sincere advice on TagJag and on approaching potential investors. It was certainly an enlightening and entertaining conversation.

And while I am American, we don't have much of a team so I will be rooting for my ancestry. So while I will wish you luck, I can not share your happiness if your country wins. :-)

Not sure why the trackback didn't work. But I referenced the TagJag post here http://newsfeed.civilnetizen.com/entries/2006/7/8/gnomedex-seattle-podcasting-network-interview.html

Nik Cubrilovic

The game is on at 5am here - so I hope we get this rollout done in time. I can't stand to see Italy win, I am with you here Jeff, go France!

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