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July 11, 2006


Robert Dewey

I have this feeling. It's a small feeling. But I'm thinking that MySpace is like Geocities "back in the day". I'm 21 years old and at the age where drama significantly decreases and the real-world kicks in, otherwise known as the "post MySpace era". Once people move beyond their teen years, I think they will stop using MySpace. The majority of my friends have cut way back on "MySpace usage", some of them cancelling their account.

Will the younger pre-teen generation continue using MySpace after the original users are gone? That's the real question.

What's funny is that AOL could have captured this market a LONG time ago... I remember when people were creating AIM profiles via third-party services. I'm young enough to know that they were "all the rage". If AOL would have expanded into that area and allowed users to create profiles and link up, we wouldn't be discussing this blog entry right now ;-)


The thing about all this though, is that MySpace is not all that great of a site. Most people I know in school still, myself included, are all about Facebook. The facebook technology is far superior. It is quicker, more versatile, better layout, and the clincher, YOU CAN TAG YOUR PHOTOS. MySpace is just a little lame. Kind of reminds me of Friendster before a friend of mine upped me on MySpace. Now friendster is an also ran.


Curious comments by Robert and Kaleb. Jeff, I have heard nothing to the effect that MySpace is cracking any code on monetizing community sites. You can't make any "bargain" comments until there are some credible financial numbers out. They certainly will need to improve their offering as kids grow up. I have also heard that facebook is holding onto some post college kids but in an unfriendly walled garden way.

John Koetsier

I find all the "there's no way it can last" and "myspace is actually a pretty ugly site" and "social networking site XYZ is way better" pretty funny.

I don't have a horse in this race; I don't particularly care who wins in social marketing. And I don't know if MySpace is going to continue to grow or start to decline.

It just seems that now people really really want it to fail, want it to lose, want it to succumb.

One factor on their side: something that grows this fast is growing because of viral and WOM promotion. Sometimes the funnel can flip, and it can melt away just as fast.

Jeremy Fain

Wow, thanks Jeff for letting us know about MySpace having become N.1 worldwide. I´d just like to answer Kaleb about FaceBook: I agree, it´s a fantastic socializing website. The point is that if you don´t have a .edu address, you cannot register on FaceBook, which restricts a lot the population of users!


I agree with Narendra but you can't deny it's getting bigger and bigger. There will come new folks when older leave MySpace. It's what the people want. I know the Site isnt perfekt at all and there are enough alternatives but it's the way things go. MySpace is hype and when we all keep talking this way it's only getting bigger.


I work at Compete and we felt our data would be useful in clearing up the confusion over this size controversy.

Compete's analysis (which can be found on our blog) indicates Yahoo dominates MySpace in-terms of visitors (advanage 64M and change), but that MySpace surpassed Yahoo in January in terms of page views (advantage 15B).

See the blog for trended graphics.



Tom Truong

I am a huge fan of myspace I use it everyday to keep myself connected to my friends, and my network.

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