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July 09, 2006


Ken Rossi : CivilNetizen.com

It was a great game. I am sorry that it had to come down to penalty kicks. That rule needs to be done away with and sudden death should continue. This was as good a game as was the Germany v. Italy match, if not better. Definitely an enjoyable experience. I think I might actually start watching games beyond the Cup. :-)

Andrew Fife

I definitely felt that France played the better match and deserved to win. Penalty kicks suck.


I hate penalty kicks and hockey shootouts.

Peter Caputa

Yes. It was a shame Zidane ended his career this way. Up until Zidane was booted, I think they were playing better than Italy.

On the shootout issue, have any of you ever played 120 minutes of soccer? Shoot outs are necessary. I also think it works. Although soccer isn't a high scoring game, specific seconds in time make a winner or a loser. Mistakes and brilliance happens in a flash. All penalty shots do is concentrate that time. The shot has to be perfect. The goalie has to be perfect. And it happens in a second. Just like the rest of the game.

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