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June 01, 2006


Pete Cashmore

Actually, Mike is at 113K due to this glitch. Who said the 53651 didn't matter? :)

Christopher Frye

Hi we figured out why you and some others are getting such large subscriber numbers. It looks like one of the aggregators that poll your feed yesterday polled on behalf 50k subscribers when it usually polls for 450. That is one of the ways we calculate subscribers is by adding up the number of subscribers aggregators say they are polling on behalf of.

It is pretty obvious who it is if you look at your Subscribers history at www.feedburner.com for your feed. We are contacting them about the issue and it should be resolved going forward.

I hope that helps explain. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Steve Olechowski

Hey Jeff - we're talking to Netvibes about this - they seem to be temporarily reporting 50866 for all feeds today. I knew Netvibes was doing really well but this surprised me as well!

Seriously, though, i'm sure we'll get it smoothed with them really soon.


Jeff Clavier

Thanks Chris and Steve. Looking at my detailed subscriber page, NetVibes shows 51328 people reading Software Only.
Who said that was a bug :-) ?

Ivan Pope

I'm glad Pete Cashmore has commented here - he is the man who is showing 5 billion subscribers on his Feedburner button. Way to go, Pete.


sometimes we need crazy numbers to keep our blogging motivation up to speed.

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