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May 20, 2006


Christopher Carfi

hey jeff, check out: http://www.wisdomoffans.com/

a "wisdom of crowds" approach to predicting the world cup. kinda cool.


No offense but it's called football by 95% of the worlds population!

Jeff Clavier

Stewart> Yeah yeah, I know (in mother land it is Football as well). Thanks for reminding me.

Updated the title accordingly :-).

Robert Scoble

Here's some of the HDTV schedule: http://www.hdsportsguide.com/worldcup.php

You're definitely invited over for any of the games!

Dimitar Vesselinov


World Soccer Daily Podcast

Julien Dossier

Hi Jeff, you can also subscribe to webcal://icalx.com/public/jazzyjon/World%20Cup%202006.ics which syncs perfectly with iCal ;-)
cheers, J

Si Jobling

It's funny how websites devoted to Web technolgies have overlooked something that does exactly this but without any installs or dodgy MS-proprietry tools...

Last week, I launched www.worldcupkickoff.com which does all this for you but by using Microformats and a handy little script from John Suda. Choose the team/group you want to follow and download a generic ICS calendar file that can be imported into any calendar application, not just MS Outlook.

Sorry for the self-promotion but this is one of those times I felt it was important. We don't want more Microsoft tracking software installed do we??


> No offense but it's called football by 95% of the worlds population!

20% of the world's population calls it 足球 (zúqiú) :)

Cameron Peake

Just thought i'd mention an Excel sheet i've mocked up for the World Cup including updates, player and team analysis as well as chart schedule of all the games in each timezone.


Send the link (or the file) around if you like it.

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