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March 14, 2006


Ian Sefferman

Hey Jeff,
Thanks again for leading the discussion this weekend. Maurice and I left the conference and on the plane starting talking about how we feel very confident that we have a new direction and new focus and can equally challenge the large players.

I wrote a little argument about why Amazon just missed the goal with S3 on my blog today:

The one sentence summary of the argument is that essentially this just moves the problem of your data existing in 'silos' throughout the internet down one level (to Amazon, rather than each individual web service) -- you still don't have a single access point or control over your data.

Check out the blog for more info, and thanks again. Hopefully we can speak further about this. :)


Aaron Levie


Looks like I'm making the rounds trying to give an online file storage company's point of view. Anyone in the business, who has already prepared to scale, does not have costs higher than what Amazon is now charging. When you also add up the double bandwidth surcharge (file from user to you, then file to amazon, and vice versa), this becomes impractical for a large scale online file storage company. As far as I can tell, this is offering is focused on the crowd that traditionally uses 'web services.' It's great for mashups, non-storage startups, and others who need quick and easy access to a backend. Why doesn't this push our price points lower? Because you still need to pay for developers, webservers, marketing, bandwidth, and any other fixed or variable costs related to your operations. In Box.net's case, we have set our price points in a way that allows us to offer a free package without any advertising/spam, and a premium service with more storage and features.

This has turned into way too long of a comment... shoot me an email if you want more :)

Overall thought: http://blog.box.net/?p=28

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