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January 10, 2006


Greg Linden

After a good launch, it appears their efforts to become a destination site had stalled, at least if you believe the Alexa data:


I suppose that may have been another factor in their decision to sell early?

Jeff Clavier

Good thought Greg, but no it was actually not the case at all.


I think they sold out at a point they've got the highest return on their initial investment!

Michael Parekh

Who're you using for "N" in GEMAYANI?
We've got the rest:

Interactive Corp.

Brad Feld includes Liberty Media in his "AGILE AMY" but there's no N there.

I've stayed with GYMAAAE for now, which isn't as catchy as GEMAYANI because Interactive is more of a conglomerate company.


Jeff Clavier

N is for NewsCorp!

Jeremy Zawodny

Congrats Jeff!


actually, N is for MySpace ;)

Chris Yeh

Congratulations! The hit streak remains alive. You're becoming the DiMaggio of angels.

David Pooxi

Nice for you and truveo team Jeff ;)
Now you have time to help the little French one Pooxi.com ;)

Mark Goldenson

Hi Jeff, I think a more appropriate acronym is YEA GAMIN. It captures the concept, don't you think? :)

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