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November 30, 2005


Kevin Burton

Didn't you get the memo? We're not using IE anymore. :)


It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Ryan Singel

I can't get the add RSS feed button to work in FF 1.07, guess that version is deprecated.

But then again, why all the fuss over the RSS functionality?

I mean, look at how the mail client scrolls. It's stinkin' beautiful (not to mention its a minor AJAX miracle.

Or the virtual tabs so you can have more than one email message open? Staggeringly good.

All this talk about Yahoo!'s new mail client and RSS is like someone gave a bunch of car testers a convertible saab and everyone lauds its cupholders...

Anyhow, didn't you all read your own memeorandum? RSS readers are dead.

Jeremiah Owyang

Today at the Syndication conference I took a look at the new IE 7, the first feature they said they are looking to accomplish (although it wasn't on their printed feature list) was security -- and lots of it (they said)

It's good feeds up the wazoo, just like all the others. the most unique 'mash' was that it tied up into the new version of outlook.

Feeds were displaying in the new outlook, just like emails. It was interesting, as you could forward the feed posts on to others.

sheesh too easy eh? Forget viewing a blog in a browser, it's already in your inbox

Key takeaway: RSS is ubiquitous (or will soon be)

Adam Platti

Hi there, I'm an ex-member of the Yahoo Mail Beta team and I sent them your article. Apparently in IE there are some issues with the character transcodings of Yahoo News feeds from Europe. From your screenshot it looks like you are subscribed to a handfull of French news feeds so we think this is the problem you are experiencing. We hope to have the problem resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.


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