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August 02, 2005


Mike Bergman

I find this post parochial. What is the "trenches"? Silicon Valley only?

A GYM approach suggests that only the hugely successful survive and warrant discussion and attention. The true view from the "trenches" is that most of us pursuing these dreams work and fight like hell every day to generate enough revenue to stay alive. That is the truth; that is the "trenches."

Navel gazing based on GYM will both give you "stubborn belly fat" and not produce any insights of meaning.

Sorry. I guess I don't get it. If you want to engage in meaningful discussion about start-ups, getting screwed, getting lucky, and all of the rest, forget the 0.0007% solution. Instead, concentrate on the dozens of current ventures that are struggling (and sometimes surviving) to achieve getting revenues into the black.

Peter Cooper

I briefly covered this the first day the story ran. I agree with Mike; I find the whole idea parochial. It covers valid ground and makes good points, but the fact is, the market is a whole lot bigger than the A-list bloggers and San Francisco/NYC/Chicago.

Peter Cooper

Oh, while I'm at it, I just noticed you use RSS Digest on your sidebar. I have now deprecated RSS Digest (though it still works) and have launched FeedDigest.com. The FeedDigest architecture is significantly faster and more reliable, so you might like to jump on board. You can also do cool stuff like mix multiple feeds into a single digest, etc. :)

Jeff Clavier

The problem is exacerbated in Silicon Valley, and the West Coast since this is where the GYM have their headquarters. And to your point on the Silicon Valley focus, well, this is where I and many of the journalists/bloggers quoted are based.

Thanks for the point to FeedDigest by the way. I have implemented it.

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