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July 04, 2005


Zoli Erdos

Jeff, if you will call back to the US a lot, you may want to dowload Softphone from Vonage, then you can just use your US Vonage number anywhere you find broadband. A bluetooth hadset paired to your laptop and softphone are a perfect combo.

Btw, although I am a faithful and happy Vonage customer from the early days (3 years or so?), in your case Lingo might be a better deal, which includes France .. etc in their $20 unlimited package.

Jeff Clavier

Thanks Zoli. I had looked at the Softphone option, but it is a bummer that they required a separate line item on the contract, and a separate phone number, as opposed to providing it as part of the regular service. With the same constraints, SkypeIn offers more flexibility.

I'll check Lingo, thanks for the tip. Are they reliable ?

Dennis Howlett

What amazes me about companies like Vonage is they're offering what amounts to an integrated service yet they display all the characteristics of a badly designed pantomime horse. If you don't build integration into your organization from the get go, don't be surprised when customers are ticked off.

Zoli Erdos

You're right, it's ridiculous that you need a separate number with softphone.. frankly, the separate number is even more frustrating than the extra $ ..

I only have one reference for Lingo, a family has been using it for almost a year and are quite happy. Including Western Europe in your $20 a month package is quite a deal ... now if I could find a provider that included Hungary in their package.. :-)

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