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May 24, 2005


Greg Linden

Hi, Jeff. Could you elaborate on how LinkedIn generates value for you? I've been a LinkedIn user for quite a while and haven't extracted much value from it yet. How do you find it useful?


Greg, good to see you here!

LinkedIn generates value for me because I live in Silicon Valley and I often do business development, and it helps me get introductions to the people I need to see to drive business.

LinkedIn also generates value for me because I know a lot of people, and people come to me looking for jobs (and wondering if I can suggest a place) and/or looking for people (and wondering if I can suggest someone good for them to interview). I can use it to make introductions easily that include peoples' backgrounds -- I think in some places a person's LinkedIn profile is more important than their resume, because it tells a would-be employer what *people* we have in common.

My two cents...

doug hirsch

jeff - i couldn't agree more. tons of social networks, and only ones that truly fill a real need are going to be around in the future. real needs, btw, are things like sex and/or money. linked in = jobs = money. the others, unless they morph into full-fledged dating sites (aka sex), are gonna be stuck hawking bottom-barrel CPM ads for eternity.

Jeff Clavier

Greg> Adam says it all (thanks Dude :-).

Adam and I were both early adopters, and Ross Mayfield taught me the rule of only connecting to people I knew "online". Applying this allowed me create a "quality" network, that allows me to discover path to people I need to connect to. I am also getting quite a bit of dealflow through LinkedIn.

However, given how big LinkedIn has become, it takes quite a bit of connecctions to actually get value out of it.

Greg Linden

Thanks, Adam and Jeff. Until now, I have thought of LinkedIn as a bit of a toy. Perhaps I will experiment with using it a little more seriously. Thanks again.

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