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May 23, 2005


Jack Krupansky

Get over it! As an independent American, I think it's wonderful that the French have their own words for things. Partly that's due to my personal belief that American techies [what's the French for "techie"?] do such a truly horrendous job of coming up with terminology (or "jargon").

Please clarify... if you wanted to say "web log" (as opposed to the distasteful "blog"), what would the official French term be?

I admire the French bureaucrats for having the gumption to stand up and thumb their noses at Americans and *their* ridiculous terminology.

BTW, what are the French equivalents for syndicate, aggregate, feed, web feed, RSS, RSS feed, search engine, permalink, and blogosphere?

-- Jack Krupansky


That's a very good one.
Being French myself, I kind of share your point of view... Finding it ridiculous to say courriel instead of email, bloc instead of blog...
Each language has its specificities, and when it comes to food, you'll use in English, petits choux, croissants, creme brulee...without inventing new words...

Jeff Clavier

Jack> "Bloc note" is the official term for "web log", though the actual translation would be "carnet de la toile".
"Techie" also works, though we also use "technologiste" (?).

To be honest, I have been using English as my business language for so long that I don't know many of the french words.

As to the translations you asked for, I would say:
syndiquer, aggreger, fil, fil, RSS, fil RSS, moteur de recherche, permalien, blogosphere (though it should be bloc-osphere now ?

Michael Parekh

Hiring the people to come up with alternatives for words around blogging alone should be enough to positively impact the 10% unemployment rate over there...

Jeff Clavier

Ooch, that hurts...

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