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April 03, 2005



your deductive reasoning is right..the name's in there :) i can't dislose it until i have a final confirmation...


There are a lot of other acquisition candidates including pixparty.com

Don MacAskill

Not smugmug. We love being independent - getting bought would squash our creativity and innovation. Besides, we're profitable and growing fast, so what would be the point? :)


Um, Fotki?

Eli Chapman

I met with the two founders of WindUpLabs/Heypix about 8-10 weeks ago or so at a coffee shop in Arlington, MA. It's not 4 months of technology that's being bought. If you google around, you'll see that James and Eric have been at this for more than two years. The project started as a p2p photo shoebox. It was their really rich Windows photo client that attracted me to them in the first place (that and something Eric posted on metafilter). The client has a nice UI, was easy to use right away, and included tagging better than any other photo client I've seen. It wasn't exactly what I needed for the project I was working on- but it was clear that they weren't going to make any major deals until they'd played out every offer and inquiry on the table. Congrats to the two of them. Well timed. I hope the deal was a good one.

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