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January 21, 2005


Jeremy C. Wright

AdBrite's one of a handful of advertising technologies bloggers take seriously. AdSense revenues are down and so people are looking for something more reliable. AdBrite's "Marketplace" type of idea works well.


I like this idea better than AdSense and it's been quite effective so far for my web properties.

Jimmy Carlilse

AdBrite is a complete turkey. Pud padded his numbers by using Spamford Wallace's Trojan to zombie every PC that visited FC to click target MarketBanker sites (The original AdBrite). It will be funny when Sequioa realizes they have been totally hosed and they sure the ever living @#$# out of pud. By the way, AdBrite is the THIRD kick at this can. HTTPAds and MarketBanker were his first two and they failed miserably. He hasn't changed anything but the name.

Oh well, it's only money.


Pud is inflating the board hits on fc.com with paid trolls.


Prepare to be repeatedly portscanned whenever you visit one of Kaplan's sites.


Pud pays people to post on the bbs.



Says it all.

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