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October 06, 2004



Take a look at TiddlyWiki.com for a client side Wiki. Quite an interesting idea...

Ludovic Dubost


If you like the notion of "Application Wiki", then check out XWiki (http://www.xwiki.org) and the sister hosting service XWiki.com (http://www.xwiki.com).

It allows to do many things listed here.. but even more.. There is a programming language inside the wiki pages and an embedded database allowing to create classes and objects and attach them to document.. It is then possibly to query the database and show the results right in the pages..

A simple demo is the wiki of the CEO bloggers club.. http://ceobloggers.xwiki.com. The members, photo album and meetings are made using these classes..

Ludovic Dubost

By the way, the WYSIWYG editor of JotSpot is HTMLArea, an open source project:


The same one is used in XWiki..

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